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Core Return Procedure & Return Policy & Core Refund

FlyingFishCarburetors.com makes it easy to return your marine carburetor core from anywhere in the continental U.S. The marine carburetor we ship you includes a UPS return shipping label. To receive your core refund, place your old core in the box in which it was sent, reuse the same packing materials to prevent core damage, adhere the shipping label, and give it to any UPS driver or place in UPS drop box.

Please try to return your core within 3 weeks of receiving your rebuilt marine carburetor for a prompt refund. The included UPS return shipping label will remain valid for several months. A full core refund can be obtained by using the label within this time period.

We have been serving the industries marine carburetor needs for over 40 years. We stand behind our marine carburetors 100%. Our return core policies are liberal. We don't expect the marine carburetor core you return for refund to be free of corrosion, rust, or even not have a broken thermostat. We also except MerCarbs with a broken air horn stud (holds on spark arrestor) for a full core refund.

If you are returning a core with a broken housing, missing parts, or is disassembled, it will be inspected by our tech's and determined if there will be a partial core refund.

If you return a different marine core or an automotive core for refund, our tech's will inspect the core and determine a partial core refund.

If the carburetor core you want to return for refund is frozen (base and idle mixture screws) or more than one broken casting base, bowl or air horn, the core is probably not a re-buildable core. Granted, what you think is not re-buildable might be OK for a full or partial refund due to our restoration techniques. Marine carburetor cores that were used as boat anchors or look as if they were used as anchors are not in a refundable condition.

Picture of how a bad a marine carburetor core can look and still get a full refund

Our marine carburetors are tested to O.E.M. specifications the day of shipping to ensure little or no adjustments upon installation. Please allow up to a few business days for processing your order and precisely calibrating your marine carburetor.

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